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Why chinese visa was denied?

Posted 2013-6-19 by michael send message to michael

Hello everyone, I am Sally from Easyservice. Recently we received the news from customers that their China visa application are denied, while there is no reason be given.
From our experience, there will be a transition period for application of new visa policy, which is also known as the sensitive period; Usually the period will last for 30-45 days. During the period, appling for one year F Chinese visa would be very strict, and it is easily denied by very small problems.( The new visa policy will be carry out on July 1).

Here I would like to share how to avoid your application being denied:

Fistly, As we known that there are two places for applying China visa: Chinese embassy in oversea country and Exit-entry Administration office. Currently, most of China visa extension applied through border, and they can get 3/6/12 months visa. Usually 12 months F visa can be applied by Zhuhai border and Shenzhen Border. Comparing the two ways, applying from Shenzhen border is much easier than Zhuhai border.
Secondly, pay attention to the following items: keep the integrity of the applicant documents; no bad history visa records; no damage and alter on the passport pages; keep the photo clear enough, such as no hats, no glasses, no rings, eyebrow and ears are not covered by hair; fill the form correctly and clearly with clear signature.
Thirdly, Choose a qualified agent to help with your visa application. There are many agencies in the market are actually not qualified for visa application, even some of them are not company but do the application personally. With their service, your application would be denied with high possibility. So it would be a bad choice to accredit such agencies even they offer very low price.
Forthly, generally there is no problem to get 12 months F-visa if your agency is professional enough. If you are worried that your application is denied, you can apply for 6 months visa.
Fifth, If you are living outside of Shenzhen, we suggest you not booking the return flight on the same day of getting visa back, in case your application is denied which need reserve time for next application.

What if application for 12 months F-visa denied?
If your application for 12 months F-visa denied, you can not apply the same visa again. Instead, you could change to apply for 6 months F-visa on the next day.

We have two offices in Shenzhen with over 20 staff and own responsible workers to delivery documents in HK, Macao and Shenzhen Wan. At the same time, we are qualified visa agency for applying visa in Zhuhai Port and Shenzhen port, which are reliable for getting China visa with efficency.
If you might have any problems about China visa, please don’t hestate to contact us.

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