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Warm Tips:Our company dose not affiliated with goverment departments. Maybe you could get visa in Chinese embassy in your home country with lower cost, but we could offer you extra professional services such as visa consulting, documents translation, documents collecting, urgent visa handle service and so on.

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Submitted by Ricky39 on 2012-6-29
Now i have a Visa for 3 month Buissenes Visa ,but i want stay 1year and more , how much was the Visa for one year ? i open my Buissenes in Shenzhen so i need Visa for long Time you can help me , i not want go out all time for make stamp for visa ! best greates Ricky


Submitted by francesco.simone on 2012-7-10
I have my friend he is form France and need visa
Can him get visa 5 days in lowu border and after come to you for get 6/12 months visa? or for France people is not possible get Visa in border so he must get Visa in France and just after that can come to you?

Best regards

Francesco Simone


Submitted by service on 2012-7-10
Dear Francesco,

I´m Sally from EasyService. Hope my information will be helpful for you.

I´m afraid your friend can not get visa in border, but have to get visa in France, and the validity should be no less than one month. After he come to China, we can help him to apply 6/12 months visa.Here we offer two proposals:

1, X-visa:
a), validity for 6 or 12 months for multiple entries, the price is 7950RMB for 6 months validity, 12800RMB for one years validity.
b), Documents required: Original passport, 4 pieces of 2 inches color photo with white background, native home address(written in English)
c), Processing time: about 3 weeks
d) Requirements: Current visa validity is over 16 days, younger than 60 years old; For those who older than 60, scanning copies of passport and visa are needed in advance for us to confirm.
e), Remark: For below situation, extra 500 yuan will be charged:
1,for x-visa valid for 6 months, the result validity maybe one month more than original applicant because of the work of doing study material;
2, No exit record in recent one year;
3, there is overdue record on passport;
4,The approval of material hasn´t been permit during the process period, while the expiry date of visa is approaching, which need to apply one month L-visa before the X visa to postphone the stay

2, F-visa:
a), F-visa valid for 6 months with twice entries, the price is RMB6700
b), Documents required: Original passport, 4 pieces of 2 inches color photo with white background
c), Processing time: 8-12 working days
d), Requirement: Current chinese visa valid for over 15 days, exit and entry records need in recent 6 months.
Current L-visa or F-visa holders can apply new one, not for current W-visa or X-visa holders

If any further questions, please feel free to inform us, we´ll try best to help you.

Best regards,


Submitted by prettie_trisczhia on 2013-6-20

I am from Philippines and just want to inquire if I am eligible to get a Multiple Entry visa (6months or 1 year) in China. I used to have student and R visa as I worked in Suzhou but then my fiance was relocated in Shenzhen so I gave up my job. I have been in and out of China and currently on a 30 days single entry. We always travel together so most of the time we go to HK/Philippines to get my visa but the most I get is 2 entries for 6 months. We just want to try any way just to get a multiple entry visa. I have US visa and Schengen visa to which both are multiple entries and I dont have any record or extension on my passport.

Is there any way you can help me?



Submitted by izha on 2013-6-6
I´m from Philippines,Im in china right now holding a L visa
6 months multiple entry and it will expired on June 13. Could it be possible to extend my visa? thanks in advance


Submitted by Shepps on 2013-6-14
Hi there,

I am a british golf pro working in shenzhen. My fiancé is a white South African. I need to get her a 6month business visa with multiple entry or whatever else works and also confirming that she doesn´t have to fly back to South Africa to get it. As we flying to UK on 1st July and returning on the 9thJuly. Her current travel visa expires on the 19th June. So we need to obtain her new visa before then. Time is running short and I´m starting to stress a little.

Andrew Sheppard

PGA Class "AA" Professional
Palm Springs International Golf Academy
Shenzhen, China


Submitted by Angel on 2013-6-19
Hi,I would like to ask if you do process z visa or f visa? I am a Filipino, I´ve been to shanghai recently and I want to go back there..could you please help me..thanks a lot.


Submitted by AndyC88 on 2013-7-3
Hi, my name is Andy and I sent an email to asking some questions about your service. Please respond as soon as you get the chance. Thanks.


Submitted by Anonymous on 2012-8-30
Hi, Im a filipino and have chinese fiance in shenzhen. how can i get a 1-3months visa? and how much will it cost?


Submitted by service on 2012-9-1

Thanks very much for your email. I am regret to inform that at this moment we can not help female Philippines to get Chinese visa.

I´ll keep in touch with the embassy,and will update for you immediately when the policy change. May I have your email please? Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,



Submitted by lmayor_1999 on 2012-10-10
Hello, I have a french passport and have had a several chinese visa in my passport for a stay not longer than 2 weeks everytime. My latest was 2 entry for 6 months last january and only stayed 1 week each entry. Now I have a 2 entry visa, each entry good for one month. I want to have 6 months multiple entry visa, can you help me with this and what is needed for this. Thanks


Submitted by Anonymous on 2012-12-19
Hello, I would just like to ask if you can process visa for filipino passport holders, visa will expire on Dec 25th


Submitted by service on 2012-12-21
Hello, at present, the policy for Filipino passport holders to apply China visa are closed. Will inform on our website if the something change. Please notice the latest news on your website.


Submitted by Thomas on 2013-1-8
Hello Sally,

I have a F-VISA from Shenzhen that is valid until the 15th of Feb 2013.

I need to extend my VISA for another month or 90 Days. How much does the extension cost? Please send me a eMail.



Submitted by service on 2013-1-9
Hello Thomas,

Morning! Thanks for email, I´ve reply you an email,here send you again in case you haven´t receive it.

We have 3 months F visa with single and two entry for you, the current cost is 1900rmb and 2100rmb seperately.

New visa can be get in the afternoon if you submit documents before 12:30.

We only need orginal passport and one color photo with blue background.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,



Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-1-11
Hi there ,
I am in china with a L VISA and i just got an offer from a multinational company now. They are preparing all the documents I need for the Z visa
So , now i just need a Z visa to start working , my question to is : should I go to hong kong to apply for it? or go back home in canada ? or go to another country ? I am abit confused about that because i always get different answers

if you can answer me as soon as possible it will help me alot thanks again

Thank you in advance


Submitted by janefrances18 on 2013-1-11
Hello everyone! I´m from Philippines, I d like to apply for a three month f visa if possible, and I do hope it is! Will u be able to help me?


Submitted by service on 2013-1-12

Usually you need to back to your native country-Canada to apply Z-visa, but before you apply Z visa, you will get invitation letter first, so the best is follow on the instructions on the invitation letter issued by government.



Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-2-6
Hello I am European (EU)I have F visa, issued in Beijing which expires on March 15th. I would like to extend it for as long as possible. Could you help me? Thank you.


Submitted by mktechnology on 2013-2-8

what about chinese visa F, one years for french, can you offer this visa?


Submitted by service on 2013-2-21
Hello MK,

We could offer one year business visa with multiple entry for you. Duration of each stay is 60 days.
The cost is 5850rmb.
Processing period:5-7 working days.
Documents:original passport,one piece of photo with whith background.

For further questions,please feel free to let me know.


Submitted by sheehatd on 2013-2-25
I have U.S. Passport, staying in Vietnam now. Would like to get tourist visa to visit China. Can I apply in Vietnam. Also I have a criminal conviction in my past, but I have completed the sentence. Can I still get a visa


Submitted by skylonl on 2013-2-26

I have a L visa for 30 days and I´m from Holland. I would like to have a double entry L visa. Do I need to go out of China to get this?
And is this possible? Within a few days?

Thank you



Submitted by kinda.mitri on 2013-2-26
hello my name is Kinda, i am from Syria

i have working visa now and residant permit valid till August 2013, but i want to stay in China after that,
in case i want to extend my visa but i don´t want to keep working with the same company that they did the visa for me before, what is your advise?
i want to stay one more year, multi entrance, for one year without need to leave china



Submitted by service on 2013-2-26
Hi Stephen,

Thanks very much for your message about the visa extension.

We can help you get double entry L visa, and you can get the visa at the same day as you submit us the documents.

May I know which city are you in? You don´t have to go to HK, but you may need come to Shen zhen. Also, when your current visa expiry?

Please send me the scans of the front page on your passport and e-photo in advance, so that we make paper preparations for you.

Best regards,


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-2-28

I just want to inquire if the policy for Filipino passport holder to apply china visa are already open.


Submitted by service on 2013-2-28

At present, we can try to get half year business visa for Filipinos, only with single and two entry. However, we can not guarantee to apply it successfully, please send me the passport scan and photo to the email on the website firstly, I will reply you after I confirmed with the embassy.
Best regards,


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-2-28
Singaporan do they require visa application?


Submitted by service on 2013-3-2
Yes, foreigners who want to stay in China for over days need to get visa


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-5
hello, - Originally I came to China on a one year multiple entry L (or tourist)visa.I lived in China for one year.I got married in China and extended my visa with a Family Visit Visa for 4 months when my tourist visa expired. Recently I had a divorce and I am not married now.

I have met a new lady and we want to get married.In April I will have to extend my visa to stay in China.I want to apply for a Family Visit Visa and temporary resident permit.Can I apply again or extend my present Family Visit Visa ?


Submitted by service on 2013-3-5

You can not extend your current family visit visa since you are divorce. Neither you can not apply the visa if you are not get married.

If you want to apply resident permit, please let me know if you are in shenzhen, your wife is employed? what´s your both nationalities?


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-6
Urgent need extension pls contact me 13510546502


Submitted by mary joy on 2013-3-8
Hello,i had a 1 entry visa and im here in china right now.on 10 I will go to hk.can I still come back china to get my visa in danish embassy in Guangzhou?thank you


Submitted by service on 2013-3-9

I´m afraid you can not come back China after you exit since you already ran out your single entry. You can extend your visa in HK, we can help you get visa in short time, may I know your nationality? Please contact me by 18923797512 if you needed it urgently. Best regards,Sally.


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-10
I have a job offer in by multinational company. I need to apply for z visa. can you advise my requirements for this. I am UK citizen staying in Poland.


Submitted by service on 2013-3-10
May I know in which city the job you will take? Have you ever been China? Please kindly leave me your email address for better communication, or you can send your information to my


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-11
Hi,can I go back to china to get my greece visa I had 1 entry visa and I stayd in chna for 28 day.right nw im here in I want to go bck to chna anytime they ask me to pick it up.


Submitted by service on 2013-3-12
Hi, If you had entry China with current China visa,before, than you need to extend it first. May I know your nationality? send me email please


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-16
May I know if you can process visas for Philippine passport holders? Your Prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


Submitted by service on 2013-3-16
Hello, may I know are you in China or not? The visa policy for Philippine is not very stable, please send us the scans of your current visa page and passport front page to cinfirm first. My Sally


Submitted by Anonymous on 2013-3-21
am in kenya and i want to apply for a visa online how do i go about ir


Submitted by service on 2013-3-21

I got your message on my website.Thanks very much.

May I know what kind of visa do you want to apply? And which country do you come from? Are you in China or not?

If you want to apply visa, you don´t need an application form with us. Just send us the scans of front page on your passport and e-photo for us to confirm.
Best regards,


Submitted by nepal on 2013-3-21
i am anil kumar sapkota . i ´m from kathamandu ,nepal . i worked there you can help me . my email or contact or 981123438 ok


Submitted by service on 2013-3-22
Hello Anil,

Sorry, at present we are not able to get visa for Nepal citizens. Other assistance needed, please feel free to contact me. Thanks. Sally


Submitted by momed78 on 2013-9-20
Dear sir . I´m in shahghai with my F multiple visa .I´m from iran . I have many Chinese visa in my passport , L visa , F visa and 1 multiple 6 month visa.My visa will finished on 4 November and I want get a new visa for 6 month multiple 2 time entry ajd 180 days staying . I rent apartments in Shanghai and I register in police station. No any problems in china.Pls tel me if I can get this visa from your side and the cost for it and how to get it . My name is darat and my phone no is 18621931243 .Can we get 1 year multiple visa unlimited stay in each entries .RegardDarat


Submitted by glen on 2013-3-23
if i want to spend holiday in hongkong,,do i need a visa?


Submitted by service on 2013-3-23
Hello Glen,

Which country do you come from?


Submitted by Ali on 2013-3-29
I am from Pakistan and in china now on F single entry visa and want to extend it to 6 or 12 month multi entry visa.
What would be cost and procedure.

Best Regards


Submitted by service on 2013-3-30
Hi Ali,

I´m sorry that at present we are unable to get visa for Pakistan citizens. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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